Electronisation of the Airline's Office


Nowadays, depending on the promotion of the principles of the knowledge-based economy in the field of air transport, the use of information technology is a vitally important activity of a modern airline manager in order to increase efficiency in decision making. The paper deals with information technologies necessary for applying the principles of knowledge economy in air transport business. Direct attention is paid to paperless office, cloud technologies, outsourcing of information technologies and their interconnection leading to the overall harmonization of communication between individual means, whether personal or business informatics.

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Edina Jenčová, Légugyi kar, Muszaki Egyetem, Kassa, Szlovákia

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E. Jenčová és J. Galanda, Electronisation of the Airline’s Office, rk, köt. 31, sz. 2, o. 127-133, júl. 2019.